Middlesex County Joint
Health Insurance Fund


The travel program that provides international assistance, emergency evacuation, and repatriation.

The Middlesex County Joint Health Insurance Fund is offering a Travel Assistance Program by FrontierMEDEX.

FrontierMEDEX offers our employees (and their dependents) access to four broad categories of service:
  • Medical assistance such as local medical referrals, medical treatment monitoring, and vaccine and blood transfers.
  • Medical transportation services such as transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility or coordination of an emergency evacuation, including coordination of repatriation as needed
  • Travel assistance such as pre-travel information or coordination of emergency travel arrangements and
  • Personal assistance such as emergency transfer of funds, legal referrals, and lost or stolen ravel document replacement assistance

You may learn more about FrontierMEDEX and its services by visiting the FrontierMEDEX website at www.medexassist.com

Fund Administrator