PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Middlesex County Joint Health Insurance Fund Commissioners meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 28, 2022 will be held telephonically. If you are interested in attending, the call in information is: Call in Number: 1-657-220-3242 – Conference Room: 796-299-947. Due to emergent circumstances, the scheduled meeting times may change. Any interested party may call 610-388-0600 to confirm the meeting time. To confirm your attendance at the meeting, please email Lynn Collins at or call 610-388-0600.
Middlesex County Joint Health Insurance Fund
Medical and Prescription Drug Information

The 2021 benefits apply to All active employees of:
Highlights of the benefits which were effective January 1, 2019 include: (For all entities except Middlesex County Board of Social Services and College Optout Groups)
Medical Plan - New Copays
Prescription Plan
Your Drug Information

If you are taking a prescription drug or have a new prescription, Click Here to obtain information on the status of your prescription drug and the applicable copay.

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If you need help or have questions, call Millennium Administrators.

Millennium will help you with problems when getting your prescription filled at the pharmacy or mail order. You can call Millennium at 866-644-2489.

Members affected by the Formulary change and/or Step Therapy should do the following:

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